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lirik lagu dked krow – r.i.p.


[intro: dked krow]

what a scene
never seen
what a scene
never seen
r.i.p (bmbeat on the track!)

[verse 1: dked krow]

here i go back
im ready for combat, tryna play with my vat
slow motion, k!ll em with devotion
without emotion
thought i was against the wall
and [?] enough to ball
ain’t able to call, so i fall and fall
only just dreams
[?] uncapable
[?] so i might just cry tonight (cry tonight yeah)

[hook: dked krow]
cause its r.i.p
what a scene
never seen
what a scene
never seen

[verse 2: dked krow]

here i lay astray let a stray ran away
not was there to help and all i could do was yell
[?] edible, the pain was unbearablе
[?] into a chest
all i could think of was that i was blessed
so naturaly i carеd before the news aired
you picked me up and cried, could believe that i died
you could’t hide it inside
i was gone, but everyone moves on
it didn’t take long [?]
then you had a kid, tried to get rid of me
one way or another, didn’t care bout a need
but then you moved on, forgot i was gone
forgot about me entirely
n0body carying my legacy
but i care for my family
as i watch from the outside (bmbeat on the track!)
[verse 3: id ky]

ok , so poison a motherf~cker, this sh~t ain’t temporary
saw blood come out his nose (yeah) this sh~t is very scary
i got venom on me call me perry
and my heart is cold like february
dont need to shoot him just need to give him a wild berry
tough talk now, rip dked krow
they say take it slow, its not safe to do a fast flow
i dont really care, she eat me like a tic~tac
gonna have to call you back
im at dk’s funeral, scene is beautiful
did he die shot, heartattack or maybe pharmaseuticles
doesnt matter how the fact he’s dead is undisputebale

[hook: dked krow]

cause its r.i.p
what a scene
never seen
what a scene
never seen

[verse 4: id ky]
went to the scene, it was quite grim, but im still getting bread no reaper
i be (bee) getting bread so i dont have hay fever
im in charge, getting charges, j.j. jones
i hammer your chest till you got no more bones
winning at the hands of death like i play blackjack (yeah)
it was ’87 the past so lets get past that
5 dead kids in my backpack
hold on let me back track
slice yo head off like a train on the train track
dk’s first posthumous release
not a master in the craft but this is a masterpiece
out here with the baddest b
we just destroyed this f~cking beat (id ky hoe!)