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lirik lagu ynkeumalice – neanimorphic (introlude)


i’m me with young face
it b be the fountain of youth
she wanna be with succa like me
how she’s the same way young face
pretty face on her
how shes a baddie
break my heart
know it won’t last
but i chance it with you
imma done for ride
how you be my type
i’m hyped in geek for you
feel young again
forever bloom
bloom like flower
bloom like flower
how you be a flower
how it’s h~rny hour
wear something s~xy
if you want don’t care
just want the best
just want the best
for you
took my heart stole it
how your stole a young succas
heart how imma young succa
yeah i’m that one fucca
doing to much calm down
baddie how you a baddie
such bad b~tch how you a h~rny b~tch
play with yourself to your self
you d~mn bad b~tch

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