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lirik lagu savior monroe – descendants of cain and broken vows


ayo kisai
you mind if we take a moment for me to just get this sh~t off my chest real quick

making friends just to make amends
i rather cut everyone off just to make it end with fakest kin
ain’t no solidarity in this, it’s paper thin
usually my every associate already wins
blood thicker than water, in certain cases
you need water to live, you learned that in the basics
turning on the savior like turning all your pages
be careful what you write with, blood you can’t erase it
this sh~t supposed to be permanеnt but it’s not
when your left and right hand can turn on you like a clock
this sh~t is rеal life, it’s certainly not a prop
so it sucks when your circle is permanently a dot
this is for y’all that know what betrayal feel like
don’t wanna cut your people off, but you still might
and i don’t mean cut you off like we real tight
i mean cut these n~ggas off with a steel knife
back stabbing cus you stabbing my back
wishing when you said love was an actual fact
luckily i’m more tactical black, unmasking ya act
if you interrogated you a natural rat
never thought i had a brother who was secretly a thief
taking money from the only one who feed you in these streets
only family you got and i needed you to see
but the second chance you got, took that energy from me
f~ck the money but don’t waste my time or take my kindness
for a weakness, but you made your mind
to do me dirty as pig and i hate that swine
dad told me to squash it, he even paid your fine
then my other brother block me, he owe a hun
it ain’t the money it’s the principle you f~cking wit, bum
wife told me she ain’t f~cking with the person i became
i don’t blame her, cus everybody hurting me the same
in the mind i’m chaotic, or perfectly deranged
i’m further from a saint than a serpent in a tank
bout to blow this b~tch up, tell god i said f~ck it
blow this b~tch up, cus my momma kicked bucket
in reality i’m still healing from that
still gotta deal with my blood sickling bad
so the last thing i need is a family beef
but i had to break the branches on this family tree
last thing i need is my wife planning to leave
or my babies not knowing i’m the man that they need
knowing everything i did was done with a good intention
sometimes, god be talking, i wouldn’t listen
better life involving me, i couldn’t vision
though i’m transparent, it’s sh~t that i couldn’t mention
so what you hearing it is only the half
it is better if savior take a holier path
but the harder my life, the more potent the craft
you download every track if what i’m quoting is sad
and that’s that
alright i got that off
we can finish it up now

alone in the world
it’s just me and you
i feel so lost
cus i don’t know what to do

sorry for breaking my vows
i said sickness and health, and til death do us part
but this union couldn’t even last past four years
so ima end it before anyone shed more tears
i refuse to try to reach an impossible height
even for a person that became lost in your light
delusion of grandeur and due to that grand tour
of a world of perfection, i’m man, and can’t pour
more than my cup holds, you was asking the most
like an atheist, all you did was damage the hope
i stopped going out, took care of another man’s child
just so you could say i’m terrible and put ya mans down
stopped talking to my ladies, and moved from my home
just so you could say i’m shady and i’m doing you wrong
i only got aggressive when you talked about my health
or me being broke even when i lost a lotta help
my studio was down, and i’m dealing with racists
you couldn’t see my pain, i was healing impatient
emotionally immature, of course i am
i’m a million miles away from my people and mourning man
and instead of understanding why i’m distant and tripping
threw my weaknesses in my face, and dismissed my attendance
so you found some old nudes and i’m cold and bold
god said work it out, he adores my soul
if you wasn’t so busy thinking that you was a god
you would see the good in me and help me weather the odds
all you had to do was talk to ya mans and f~cking listen
but you on the phone d~gg~ng ya mans and f~cking tripping
telling ya mom and dad i’m an addict and lacking
but my sickle cell had a n~gga actually cracking
i never dissed you about your bipolar~ism
cause i knew it made it hard to control your decisions
i protected the fam, but you told me i’m weak
spend all my cash on y’all, said i’m broke in these streets
and that fake ass façade that you made on social media
you so far from god, that our vows was a piece of shh
so when it came to you i didn’t matter
tried to write me out of your life, and now it’s shattered
and don’t you ever say sh~t to me in the future
unless its for our baby angelica or a shooter
oh yeah, and stop lying on my name

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