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lirik lagu ynkeumalice – lunch room (outro)


i remember sitting in lunch room
ask her out i was stupid then
f~ck i’m stupid af
looking back i don’t have f~ck
she f~cked up a life that she didn’t knew
she f~cked with someone who turned
better in the end she lost a great friend
no more grief but relief that i saw you for you and not the one in my head
lunchroom i was anxious about eyes on me how it felt like i was panicking
but it’s just memories of past
how i use to rap in lunch room
how it been me going wild in the lunchroom before i was nervous af eating with eyes on me but said f~ck it imma eat back then i was not eating cause of anxiety and the food wasn’t great i hated it but back then it was me in lunchroom
free styling like an idiot how i changed up i’m better flow now not the old one your remember to be

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