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lirik lagu noah floersch – cup


[verse 1]
if ever i wrote a line crying for help
it’s probably best if it’s kept to myself
‘cause everyone’s got
themselves personal h~lls
so why would i burden
them with something else
but give me your cup
and i’ll drink it all
down, down, down

[verse 2]
the five and dime
down on ninth went
up in flames
the people were looking for
something to blame
they called a big meeting
but n0body came
so they packed up their chairs
and they went on their way

[verse 3]
all that to say
h~ll i’d burn down for you
every day
and i’d burn so bright
you’d look away
but i’d burn down for you everyday
[verse 4]
if i was smart
i would start saving my change
so one day i’d buy a big house
on a lake
and i pour you the coffee
each morning you wake
and we’d sit on the porch
by the shore and you’d say
give me your cup
i’ll drink it all
down, down, down

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