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lirik lagu ynkeumalice – anime and fvck


i beat that p~ssy like anime
treat it like hentai
let your hair down
when i f~ck it from the back
when we anime and f~ck
anime and f~ck
anime and f~ck
baby how you like to to watch
anime and get f~cked
how your p~ssy stretched
when i hit so good
got ahagao faced
got your lace on baby
you can cosplay in
your favorite costume
how it be me and you
when we watch that anime
anime and f~ck
anime and f~ck
how you can come over for anime
me and you get you in the mood
for anime watch the one that’s your
favorite animе
how it’s
anime and f~ck
anime and f~ck
you wet likе a tsunami
how you suck it like noodles
we can kick it slay time
samurai im your warrior
fighting for your love naruto
make believe lands we can go ghibli
while kissing and f~cking to this
anime got you going uwu x3



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