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lirik lagu xx_pu$i-d3$tr0y3rrr_xxxx – the story of aha, pt. 1


[verse 1: xx_pu$$i~d3$tr0y3rrr_xxxx]
arsalan is coming over to my house today
i am quite worried cause he might be g~y
i saw the sh~t he was searching up in his chromebook
and if i’m being honest, i wasn’t really shook
the reason i ain’t shook, cause when i did look
at the p~rn he watches, it seemed pretty good
petit brown girl gets her p~ssy shaven
that type of p~rn gets my p~n~s ravin’
so, i called him up, told him 8:30’s fine
he responded with “we’re gonna wine n’ dine”
i grabbed my keys, went to shoppers and bought condoms
i grabbed plan b, just in case we have some problems
i head back home, thirty minutes, there was knockin’
from my door, so i jumped up and unlocked it
he’s standing there, with his p~ssy lips
in his hands, he had bought some tulips
so, i grabbed them from his hand and put them in a vase
then i stepped towards him and i grabbed his face
told him, “i know, baby boy, why you are here
you showed up for one reason, and that reason’s ’cause you’re queer”
so, he throws me off him and he goes for his bag
he unzips the bag and i looked at what he had
a whole midget camera crew crawls out of the bag
including a boom mic man, i think that was his dad
anyways, they say nothing and start to record
arsalan takes off his pants and he grabs me with force
he throws my head down, pulls out his d~ck and then f~cks me
he’s hitting spots i’ve never felt, this feeling is lovely!
[chorus: xx_pu$$i~d3$tr0y3rrr_xxxx]
arsalan, i love you so much!
when you f~ck me, you got a special touch!
i can’t wait ‘til i marry you
i can’t wait to say, “i do.”
cause, arsalan, i love you so much!

[verse 2: xx_pu$$i~d3$tr0y3rrr_xxxx]
after about, hmm, 5 months passed
we mutually agreed we want this feeling to last
i took you to india to propose our marriage
i told you, “arsalan, i want a baby in a carriage”
you said you agreed, so, we moved in together
then one morning, we received a letter
they were telling us that we are illegal
this led to arguments and we were breaking like the beatles
i said i couldn’t stand your annoying voice
then you threw me into the mirror with godd~mn force
it shattered into pieces because you’re built like a horse
it was pretty obvious we needed a divorce
i moved back into my old apartment for a year
while you stayed and paid for our house. oh, dear!
i felt like it was up to me to fix what we had
so, i went to the market for flowers and bought a cab
knocked on the door, and you’re waiting for me
i threw the flowers on the ground because we were h~rny
we f~cked for hours on end, then went to sleep
i woke up the next morning to some cold feet
i whispered your name, that was our tradition
i looked to the right and you were missin’…