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lirik lagu j neat – movie


wlatt! wlatt! wlatt! wlatt!
i’m in da trap wit da addicts
big glock can’t fit in my jacket
i’ll pull up just send me da address
my diamonds wet like atlantis
switch, it made flames like a dragon
real demon, i’ll creep up and slam it
i get you gone, no magic
i ain’t nigerian, but i’ll scam him
i’m too fly, ain’t landin’
it’s a movie like fivio foreign
i got three ho’s, and they’re all goin’
i can make bands while i’m snorin’

[j neat]
you ain’t gon’ shoot den pass it, uh
new dead opps, it’s gas or what
dis is a switch and it came wit’ da drum
chasin’ dis money it gives me a rush
like an ipad he got touched
he want smoke, and now runs
blocboy jb, i just shoot
watch dese hollows clear da room

me and j neat send dat boy to da moon
he want smoke, i step back and boom!
ouu! step back and switch it, ouu!
dese shots aim straight for your fitted, ouu!
my diamonds bussin’, dey ain’t gisten
we flip you, and the witness
colt .45, it’s vintage
catch a body get off like zimmerman
don’t make me drop you like iverson
put dat boy in a blender, we fryin’ him
crodie took his top, perfect timin’
dese shots ain’t for tracin’
we wipe him down, we face him
f~ck da jakes, don’t like bacon
wassas don’t die, dey campin’
f~ck da opps, dey don’t want static
[ ?? ] like tragic
real demon, dey see me dey panic
glizzy ain’t diss, ain’t jammin’
35 made him vanish
[j neat]
tie your shoes, b~tch you trippin’
hit him once have him limpin’
get up close den i finish
in da kitchen like a chemist
n~ggas cap like a fitted
stuck in da trap, servin’ bobby and whitney
pour up hunnid got lean in my kidney
keep me a heat and shoot like jimmy
run up da bag just like a relay
g~43, call it siakam
i’m from da dot, we ball like da raptors
keep me a gg, not for fashion
n~ggas broke, dey need bandaids
i took his b~tch ’cause my drip
tt gang, we get lit
she call me dad, she swallow my kids