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lirik lagu write the future – cope


i think i’m off to an end
old picture in a frame
i’m a backyard~facing fence
waiting and stuttering
and it’s so unsettling
for me to try to get by
you ask me to light a fire
while the rain is start to falling down

i’ll be able
i wish i’ll be able
to stop to pretend, pretending i am fine

i think i figured it out
that what you always give
won’t always what you get
but no i’m not asking
i’m only hoping for something in return
maybe the time will reveal
or maybe my wounds will heal
you don’t need to pay attention
about the truth of my intention

your sweet short smile
are the brightest of all fire
i’m prеtty sure that you’re something
and rеst assure i’m only hoping
and it’s so unsettling
what you’ve done to me
and it’s so unsettling
what i do to you



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