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lirik lagu justdalton619_ – coming home


coming home


i’ll be right here where you left me
i been on the road.. but i’m coming home


now days living out a suitcase, can’t get in no relationship until my sh~ts straight
cause if i let you in we’ll end up arguing, then you end up becoming 2 faced
hear em’ taking shots can’t let it get to me, crazy they’ll go out of their way just to show they ain’t feeling me
gotta stay away from all of that negative energy, cause sometimes people aren’t really who they pretend to be
i mean, people who were supposed to be friends to me
they were calling me crazy, but they never defended me
instead, got their hands out man are you kidding me?
feeling like batman, but they know my identity
people want to be famous, but don’t want to work for it
tired of posting videos and people just ignore it
you ever think about committing suicide?
then you go through it, but you don’t really die?
you just walk around alive, while no body has a clue about what went on, on the inside?
you don’t know how many times i’ve tried…
i just don’t want to make my momma cry
said i don’t wanna make my momma cry…

i’ll be right here where you left me
i been on the road, but now i’m coming home
home, home..
i’ll be right here when you need me..
i been on the road, but i’m coming home
home, home…

now i’m coming home…
now i’m coming home…



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