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lirik lagu ​wolfacejoeyy – ​dior


okay, she a christian in some christians, uh, she a demon in dior
uh, top floor telly, we chillin’, lil’ baby, i got your ho on all fours
ayy, complain in my life ’cause i get what i want when i walk in the store
uh, b~tch, i’m chiefin’ on good gas, lil’ baby, i’m high and i think i could soar
ayy, shorty said she want, yeah, uh, shorty said she want more
she wanna go into fendi galore
say they want smoke, n~gga, what for?
goin’ coast to coast, n~gga, on tour
we gon’ back out and bust it if you want war
like, he a shooter, only on fort’
i’m that n~gga, lil’ boy, you a dork
huh, and you cannot ignore
she an angel rockin’ palm angels, she a vixen rockin’ vetements
i been k!llin’ it, feel like a veteran
and i’m waitin’ to tell me who better than me
been through so much, i got ptsd
countin’ this money, it’s me, me, and me
i just made your advance, you can times it by three
huh, tryna take my nephew to nice
and the places you never could be
told her, “arigato,” ’cause my b~tch j~panese
i speak guala, i speak guapanese
they can try, but they never could be me
in that west, i’m rockin’ that vv
do it again and i’m hittin’ a threepeat
if he want smoke, tell that n~gga to see me
b~tch, i’m gettin’ real rich
huh, hood fave’ like i’m critch
my n~ggas’ll put you on tv, no twitch
uh, n~ggas fold, n~ggas switch
these n~ggas be tweakin’, beefin’ ’bout a b~tch
uh, you can place you bets ’cause me and my brother here, we never miss
uh, you know that we never miss, uh, uh
yeah, b~tch, my n~ggas, they really gon’ do it
that whole 5.56, they gon’ shoot it
b~tch, i get booted like
yeah, yeah, uh, uh, b~tch, i get booted like
off top, b~tch i’m gon’ do that
fah, fah, fah, fah

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