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lirik lagu royce da 5’9″ – freestyle #1


[intro: royce stretch armstrong]

i’m tryna figure out a way to start this rhyme off
you ain’t got no ideas? (nah)
alright, i’ll start it like this
check it


f~ck. you. (laughs)
i’m all nuts no glory
you walkin’ (?) n~gga, what’s the story?
(you betta) duck when i go (boom!) you suckas bore me
and yeah, prolla hate tom boys as much as lory
do, who the baddest? eminem, jigga, and nas
when it comes lottery time, that spot’ll be mine
you takin’ the throne is under the bridge
yeah, you might be ready to die, but none of you b.i.g.! so
you been dared to listen to the fiercest rhythm
spit air condition, glitter, and wrist(?) cool
f~ck doom, i don’t age
cut boom up loud, and see a mushroom cloud on stage
do the math
four numbers’ll give you six bumps(?) in(?)
you n~ggas so p~ssy, you make my d~ck jump (laughs)
i don’t wish to be king, i pass the throne
whatever shines too bright, shines half as long
i don’t kiss hoes, i only put my lips on the cup
pee~wee n~ggas, y’all is wearing p~ss on ya nuts (laughs)
god gave me this life, and if he decides to end it, forgive me
i’m takin’ the flow of the century with me (oh)
so if you’re feelin’ sane, and wanna war
reality check, you’re not ready, your soldiers are still in trainin’
a bunch of (?) (?) that’ll read the menu
we run tabs with receipts that’ll say “to be continued” and
bully n~ggas this is your day
meet me at the flag pole so you can fit me in the fist with your face, and
snitch n~ggas is common as e~bay wear(?) (uh)
give the cops more lurk(?) than dj air(?)
i got the blood of a dead soldier
all my p~wns in the center
yo b~tch lingerin’ on my finger tips
you n~ggas is deep, i gotta deep barrel that’ll blaze
so f~ck you, deep (?) and shallow grave
huh, for you deep n~ggas



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