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lirik lagu whoheem - dum hands


you already know the deal, whoheem, stop playin’

dum hands, the fo fa fool beaker
the tyse n~gga out the thump bump my sleeper
if she don’t want you back, i don’t want the b~tch neither
she stressin’ from this d~ck, we had the b~tch needy
i can tell when a b~tch really like me
she keep me on her instagram, she won’t block me
the blower?
it’a push a n~gga wipcap, to his cap, to her cap, to this cap, to stick back
i can’t wait ’til l graduate
f~ck my teacher in the sweeps for me being late
you ain’t gon’ slide, you gon’ starve while we eat a plate
he said we go way back we was schoolmates
don’t care
you got a new n~gga? don’t care
you don’t love me, but you lurking, b~tch, you do care
the d~ck healthy, veggie d~ck, she in a wheelchair
five n~ggas they shot, y’all finna blow where?
no benjis in the bank, i had to stack up
i can change a broke b~tch into a million bucks
if you lose me lil’ baby you are outta luck
her n~gga really borin’ now she stressin’, ’cause the d~ck sucked
fast~forward to the punch, its finna blow up
if you with your best friend, you better f~ck it up
face down, ass up, you better throw it
alleyoop it to the bro, you better catch it, better buckle up
sweet~talk a sad b~tch, she gon’ give it up
i feel envy in here, it’s time to line it up
i just went to your b~tch, you big mad that she chose up
up close with these clippers, any beam finna line them up
any n~gga move silly, i got 100 rounds, subtract 50, 20 dead, 30 n~ggas down
any n~gga want a fade, n~gga get it
on my momma, on her momma, on my momma, i’m gonna touch it, i got dum hands
i use that b~tch like a rental
kick the world in the morning, that’s when i broke that b~tch window
go tell yo’ daddy, b~tch, i’ma boop~bang his chin off
i’ll slap your momma too, ’cause these hands are billingual
f~cking playing b~tch

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