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lirik lagu ola podrida - your father's basement


let’s go raid your father’s bas~m~nt
i bet we could find some nudie mags
make some prank calls, they can’t trace ’em
i learned a code to prevent that

i bet your dad keeps some booze there
in a place he thinks we’d never find
by the hot water heater or somewhere
like that, lets look, c’mon we got time

are you big sister’s friends coming ovеr?
you think they’ll get in the swimming pool?!
wе can watch them from the bas~m~nt window
remember when that one’s top slipped off, it was so cool

i can bring my jambox keep the volume low
jam some eric b and some kool g rap
if we find the booze maybe your sister’s friends
would wanna come hangout, man how about that?!

oh, lets do it tonight
oh yeah

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