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lirik lagu ware-wolff – the lost


[intro: ware~wolff]
focus on the noises through the haunting silence
listening to those put in heaven and rise
wishing and hoping that they’d all survive
and running uphill ’cause we give up on life

[verse 1: ware~wolff]
take a look around you, everything is gonna die
and no more crying, wipe your tears, i know it’s truly horrifying
after all the sleepless nights not any lights face under lying frights
my desire to be the sight so ever satisfying
grab you and present for safety through the grace fear isn’t greatly
running through the forеst, grazing chainsaw wielding, slaughtered ladiеs
none of us would ever guess you’d ever make it through the gate
but still the night i raped your friend, the image haunts your heads forever
we finna speak about it, innocence every day detained in infants
earth is changing, something different , sick is blending our existence
all the pain and misery that i’ve inflicted here
whatever pools of red with severed heads
so many dead it brings me pleasure

a~a~ah, pushing over tombstones
lost and buried
lost and buried
the lost and buried
[verse 2: skeddy j.]
sick in the head and demented
it’s crazy the way i’ve been living in h~ll and debating
reported got up in my blankets
the way i’ve been thinking of thwarting myself
man, i f~cked up my entire life
i thought i would have it figured out by now but i just fell for the women
the h~ll is now, there’s no heaven up above
i just suffer in anguish, drown the sorrow, no tomorrow
for a hopeless soul
nothing but a sad sh~ll of a man
lost on the road leading to nowhere, nowhere to go
i feel the flames soaring down below where the devil is persuading me to seek him
persuading me, to lead allegiance
to feed off a soul like leeches
something takes a part of me, seeking to release my inner demons
mama thought i was an angel but i was damien
burning a hole through the souls of every mortal i crossed
unleashing this demon inside of me
releasing the evil within a soul

the lost souls
the lost souls, oh

[verse 3: ware~wolff]
i know you’re scared of ’em, once you collapse under the pressure
smell the essence in the air, it’s death
the scent of all dismemberment
here’s the thing, when we were here
we grow infectious as it grows
and you were weakened by the pour
it’s time for me to let go
the hideous that i’ve become, a monster in this life
he said to k!ll, get off him
deals with so much hatred wrapped, embodied
this b~tch has been abandoned, left behind, trudge into darkness
though i’m heartless now, regardless, leaving trails of bludgeoned carcass
so many wasted lives will soon be news, become a challenge
so many left deceased where scattered body parts are scavenged
b~tch, we laugh at you, i made an offer here to join me
but you refused so here’s the news, this might be disappointing

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