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lirik lagu crucified – the fog (snippet)


hurting ’em when i be k!lling ’em off with a syllable, leavin’ a warning, i’m ’bout to be
stormin’, i said i’d regroup at the park then i’m makin’ ’em pause it, they gonna bust up in the
city, ain’t n0body wanted to get it but follow me, open the door and they witness it
gotta be leakin’, be late, i’m a gun up already, and really i’m wicked, they comin’ and
follow me, comin’ up straight in the cinema, then i’ma dead ’em and then they’ll be gone
i begun, i’ll be able to get ’em with that and my feelin’ will get ’em whatever the beat
you be takin’ a seat when i’m bustin’ ’em, hauling ’em
hid ’em in the park when i’m pickin’ ’em, put up a
set up and gotta be hidden when so many warnin’ me, so many mad at me, so many
gonna be thinkin’ about it, i’m one to go distant, ambitious, i make it efficient
i’m makin’ it vicious, i’m running a mission, you wanted to get it, i make it, invest it
i take it and takin’ and pickin’ up b~tches, i’m makin’ a listing, a chopper division
and make it official, be getting in mystery, comin’ to get ’em and take up a handle
make it a passion, i makin’ the minimal, k!llin’ whatever i’m sayin’ incredible
mastered a demon, i’m never debatable, bein’ to be it, i see it and dream it
i’m finna get rid of your demon, ain’t breathin’, you jumpin’ to see it, they get to the pump and i
k!ll ’em up, wet ’em, artillery, comin’ to celebrate, lovin’ it, come for the k!lling and
packin’ ’em up when they get it, might come for it, gimme some money and what do you got?

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