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lirik lagu blvck hippie – july 5th – audiotree live version


[verse 1]
the time is 3:03 in the afternoon
and i’m still drunk in my hospital room
this b~tton calls the nurse
she comes and stands still
like you’ll trick you into takin’ your only pill

say that you’re better
or you pretend that you are
you said it started with the ride until i crashed your car
but who can i hurt if no one loves me?
cuz the longer i’m alive, the less i wanna be!

[verse 2]
it’s 3:25, or a quarter after three
this place gives me a headache and i can hardly see
they say that nothing’s changed but the date on the receipt is worth
the price of admission for a front row seat

i want to watch the movie where my friends aren’t dead
where you understand everything i thought i said
instead, you’re the disappointment i thought i’d always be
’cause the longer i’m alive, the less i wanna be!
oh~oh, oh~oh, oh~oh~oh

[verse 3]
i woke up in tears, it’s only the afternoon
you filled out my prescription, i can go home soon
this one’s for the nightmares
the other makes you feel the same
nothing gets better, it just numbs the pain
it’s not your fault, it’s just the way you were built
and the years that have passed and your survivors guilt
show up once a week saying no one can love me
’cause the longer i’m alive, the less i wanna be!
oh~oh~oh~oh, oh

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