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lirik lagu vvardenfell – decapitation


[verse 1: vvardenfell]
mantis blades ready, i’ve got a violent fetish
are you sure you wanna face off against my cybernetics?
i’m like militech but with bigger plans
i’m like a more psychotic johnny silverhand
and my verses will tear you apart
i will remind you of your debilitating fear of the dark
better find cover, i’ve got murder on my mind again
might wanna think twice about approaching this leviathan
i warn ya – you would be facing some pain
cuz you know my only ball and chain is a flail
don’t bother me with your worthless verses
i’ll leave you and your whole crew dispersеd in he~rs~s
i don’t evеn rap, man, i murmur curses
that makes the living decompose and unearth the serpents
initiated into the tyger claws
time for decapitation ~ lean your head against my writer’s block

[verse 2: vvardenfell]
this particular scare is coming hard and you bet it’s red
some collect stamps – i collect severed heads
senseless death with every syllable i’m mumbling
duck down, cuz i’m about to summon suffering
i don’t respect the art, i annihilate with every track i wrote
when i say i spit on the mike i mean on michelangelo
my pen is a motherf~cking saber when i write
and if i play my cards right i’ll stay underrated til i die
you haven’t trained with your rhymes, that’s why your pen is weak
meanwhile i storm these western streets with giant centipedes
trust me, it’s way more than just a raw sound
one wrong move and i’ll literally kick your door down
i’ll slash your face, fool, show you what my blades do
no amount of eddies can save you from your fate, choom
paranoid from the onset
they keep saying i’ll blow up… is that praise or is that just a bomb threat?
[verse 3: vvardenfell]
carrying a modified sniper and my target’s locked
roaming pacifica with the darkest thoughts
ultra violence is the status quo
because we come from the parts of the city where the madness grows
you’re just another pest for me to stomp out
my psych doc called me a crazy motherf~cker, then he walked out
snuffing out your output, got the entire crowd shook
terrified screams just sound good is my outlook
you might think it’s crazy, but that sh~t’s so calming
listening to agony while slurping instant ramen
mental instabilities, full cyberpsycho
barging through your building like a violent rhino
i’ve stared into a dead~end future since i was a pre~teen
i guess being a beast on the mic don’t look good on a cv
but f~ck it – i’m just gonna roll with it
i wasn’t the first man in sp~ce, but that’s fine cuz i’ll be the first goat in it

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