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lirik lagu casey – puncture wounds to heaven


[verse 1]
i barely
notice as you pick up all the pieces
how long have i been like this?
you must be tired, and i’m still trying

to find the words to compensate
for how vacant i’ve been today
can’t believe that i would take
you for granted, god, i hate myself
for letting you shoulder the weight for two
if it gets too much to hold
i won’t blame you if you go

[verse 2]
in every conversation, you fight for my attention
but i can feel the ennui that wears down your affections
does it help if i say that i’m sorry?
i know you must be tired
but i’m scared because i
no longer rеcognise myself

so whose rolе have i been modelled after?
mother’s warmth and father’s laughter
yet somewhere in between with my anxieties and guilt
oh, what is the price of my reprieve if not a life of misery?
held hostage by a blade of shame
with your name at the hilt
but i still can’t
find the words to compensate for how vacant i have been
never meant to take you for granted, but i know that i did
god, i hate myself for how you must think about me now
know how much it hurts to grieve
but please don’t hate me if i leave



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