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lirik lagu vons wrld – no mercy


my heart so full man, my heart heavy
little something something for y’all, hee

[verse 1]
i don’t need a pen, i just need my mind
there’s this girl i met, and we talk from time to time
so, this song’s for you, i hope i cross ya mind
hopefully one day i could make you mine
ay, and i mean that with a passion
i’m really hungry for money but withdrawals got me fastin’
fastin, fast & furious, other hoes are delirious
i really can’t take you serious
baby i hope you hearing this
let me come clear your consciousness
baby there ain’t no stopping this
and she know my flow the best, and she know that there ain’t no topping this
riding whip around the city, and you know it ain’t no top in this
and i’m counting up the blues, couldn’t give a f~ck ‘bout the accomplishments (uh~huh)

yeah, just some chill sh~t
had to speak my mind one way or another
foreal, foreal, racks
[verse 2]
ay, it ain’t no mercy on my heart
and i wish i told her from the start
and i’m hoping we don’t argue then we go depart
will you be the light in my life when it gets dark? (foreal)
ay, but i really need to know, though
steady kicking sh~t, like a motherf~ckin’ dojo
he said that he was crippin’, but he wearing all that rojo
she ask me do i love her and i say the answer’s still no (foreal, haha)
‘cause she did me h~lla wrong still
then she go and ask, “why you making it a big deal?”
had to read the bible ‘cause the verses was so d~mn real
these hoes, they love to hate, just like a song from pill will
speaking of him, ay, just shouts out to my twin
from the sandbox, one of my first friends
and i’m on a run just like i’m kobe in 2010
and i’m counting up my blues, they can’t do what i can (foreal)

foreal, shout~out my brothers man
nlmb, foreal
nlmb, never leave my brothers
for life

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