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lirik lagu luke saward – the reference


[verse 1]
tell me if i cross the line
don’t worry, i’ll be fine
go over there, take what’s mine
avoid that long hard time
avoid an encounter with jakes with chase
yanks over here done smashed a “vase”
yankin my chain, raidin’ our base
gonna smash one of them c~nts in the face

don’t care if they got a tool in the waist
gave them advice, it went to waste
don’t even wanna catch a case
f~ck all those who say that i’m based
don’t wanna cheat like billy
that’ll make a man look silly
ah, man it’s litty, for really
don’t wanna fight like lia and lily

[verse 2]
don’t wanna go outside, it’s chilly
but inside i’m hot, just ate a chili
grabbing food that’s bigger than chile
merky ace, gave hoes free w~lly
i’m gonna smash that f~cker like pound (smash bros)
dream’s on road
my bed’s where i’m found
carryin’ a brick like a mason
got more problems than milo’s facing
three~year~old c~nt with his brother on road
always whines, persistence shows
he’ll get involved in a gang
end up dead, with two bullets right in his head
i remember them days in the stroller
always respected my olders
but time flew by and i grew up
and now i got this to show ya

[verse 3]
i’m 18 with a bright future
and i’ve got bars that’ll move ya
mental age of three
imma be like ~~~~ and ask for my ~~~~
i’m inside, rather be outside
don’t wanna die like eva smith
i’m wide~eyed, looking for vengeance
can’t even form a sentence

two years old like asher
but i ain’t a f~cking postman
and i’m on a mission like tre
i’m travelling europe, i’m on the d~block
cheffing up everyone you know
now she’s gone, she don’t dance no more
they won’t get through, shut the door
all my dreams have washed ashore
[verse 4]
what the f~ck have you done that for?
they’re all saying i broke the law
but i didn’t do sh~t, not one bit
go to court, it’s me they’ll acquit
my family ain’t as big as the witts
but man, oh man, i’m about to quit
my past ain’t something i’d like to admit
like a dog, you’ll stay and sit

don’t do sh~t, get thrown in a pit
look at these crimes i didn’t commit
saying i did? i didn’t do it
there’s f~ckers round here who’ll get your throat slit
18 months, i throw a fit
lit a zoot, took a hit
astronaut, i’m in orbit
it’s sad nowadays being a brit

[verse 5]
least i ain’t four like lucas and willow
hide my ak under the pillow
yeah, i live a comfortable life
it’s not like i live in strife
seven years old like archer
met him, went to departures
took a plane to see your mum
went out and walked right past her
i ain’t a baby like waylen
k!ll opps like town of salem
you must be mistaken
indian cheater, forsaken
kris after flashback, shaken
hitting my brothers like aiden
i don’t worship satan
don’t listen to iron maiden

done a man’s dance like archie’s mum
it’s a shame that he won’t see the morning sun
he ain’t coming back, put a knife in your back
say he’s gone for good, you’ll scream and shout
that’s what it’s all about
trapped in a box and you can’t get out
that’s how these youngers feel
when they’re in those gangs
and they’re gripping steel

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