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lirik lagu voidhanger – malignant crescendo


destructive alienation, transcendent hunger
senses submitted to the one who never sleeps
stripped off morality, i miss his majesty
from the void of nothing i come, not in peace

malignant crescendo!

blessed be the wolfish hearts
to whom peace means nothing at all

glory, glory disillusion
now i stand beyond realm of lies
glory, glory disillusion
i rejoice as sanity falls and dies
morbid rapture…fear is absent…the blood runs cold…
malignant crescendo!
the еdge of darkness…a conscious trance…light bе gone!
malignant crescendo!

the devil’s seed…madness freed…bound no more!
malignant crescendo!
joyful collapse…eerie rebirth…enter the void…
malignant crescendo!

no more chains holding the beast inside
a split second unity with nothingness
come oh lord of bottomless ageless depths
eclipse my soul with thy eternal lawlessness

i can hear the guardian angel’s crying
and derive it joyfully
all grace is lost and i smile to myself
now i can cast pearls before slaughtered swine