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lirik lagu viridian – trances


day after day
my veins are flooded with a feeling that i can’t shake
water consumes the breath~ways
as i descend into purgatory

spiraling, fleeting before my eyes
we watched our world fall apart
instant implosion
a supernova in the sky atop the depths

remains of potential aflame
skim the surface above
raining debris
harbored mistakes cascade their way down

left to drown in this body i know so well
descend, vessel, descend
fighting a parasite smarter than i with no regard for their host

this hypnotizing trance
countless efforts to turn it all around
exhausted of any remaining breath
a mouthful of regret constricting my neck

servant and master
bow to me, no progress to be made
attachment ~ disconnection

this hypnotizing trance
giving myself no other choice but to break out of it
flood all expectations
i am not your friend

suspended on the tightrope
as you struggle to keep balance
let’s see how much you can bend

before you break