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lirik lagu true duology – gorefest [short version]


verse 1: [cazniac]
chainsaw k!ller
brain raw spiller
ima mangle the lame dawgs
painful filler
chop off your legs so you plank fall
can’t crawl
rip out your heart and drink your blood, dog
f~ck yall
im a madman with bad tendencies
and love to eat my enemies
got recipes for dead emcees
ending these, delicate pr~cks
with my energy
then i be
sending em quick
into h~ll with ease
like i’m myers
or vorhees
abort these
migrants to
war schemes
i’ve been a war bеast
k!lling all who forfeit
drilling all the war vet
k!lla brought thе gorefest
wh0res pressed on beds for forced s~x
torn chest infected with forceps
more death invested for breakfast
flesh engorged necks its fetching torn flesh

verse 2: [clarkyartist]
take heed… (but why?)
they say: “he, may be alive; in the same place he lied…
awaiting the right; time, to take feast and rise…
maybe at night; while you, lay sleep; he might~
~break free; it may be tonight; that, gage creed arrives!!”

“age 3 he died?” yep! can’t save me, we tried;
but they, made me survive; when they burried me;
in the hexed pet cemetary from ancient of times
~ ted, jeffery; and, ed’s; never been! 😉

they seem surprised; but there’s a, strange beast inside;
he ain’t leashed & tries; to, make me revive;
“ain’t c that guy, with the, craziest mind?”
yeah!!! john wayne gacy, ain’t as, crazy as i

no, saftey in sight … i, stay creeping i.. am
a fiend for lives… when, they bleed and cry… i
gain peace inside; “eat” each that meets demise
if you ain’t eating why?
heathen meat leave the most sweet; tastiest spice

“hey! meat is fine!”

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