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lirik lagu the cast of rockabye – rotting


i can
feel it coursing through my veins
burning through me
with nothing to dilute my pain

i can feel it spreading
god it’s spreading
and my heart has skipped a beating

slow my breathing
regulate my endless fear
i hate to be abandoned here
i can feel it spreading
god it’s spreading
and i feel my center bleeding

i am without a doubt
rotting from the inside out

vision blurring
diction slurring
organs turning
just enduring

as i look to reflect on my past
i have learned not to live life too fast
as i look to this gory forecast
was my life worth something

i avoided the breaks at all costs
never noticed that i might be lost
too afraid of my fears and too
exhausted to be outstanding

my grotesqueness
is breathtaking
i said leave me
i was faking