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lirik lagu keagzz003 – last song i’ll every write to you


this is the last thing that i will ever write to you
it was originally meant to be a poem (ey) but i turned it into a song (ahh)
into a song, into a song (yeah)
last song i will ever write to you

i’ve been staring at this page for a while, processing the thoughts and memories
that loving feeling that i’m still feeling heavily
you were my foundation, my temptation, my only good sensation
and when you told me you don’t want this relation—ship anymore
i did not know how to take it, i’m still trynna be patient, but at this very moment
it feels as if my time has been stolen, away from me cuz
i haven’t been able to come to that rеalisation
that no matter how bad you want a forever communication
thеre’s always that chance of separation
i’ve been in a relationship before
and the hurt felt the exact same when you walked out the door
your heart skips a beat
and overwhelmed with an overwhelming feeling of disbelief
like is this actually, reality, was that even a possibility
for me the odds were 0 to infinity, but i was wrong obviously
i was so f~cken wrong, obviously i was wrong
i won’t say i hate you or
that i hope your new boyfriend gets aids from an asian wh0re
i know that’s wrong to say and all, but sometimes when the heart is sore
the brain will create, try to deviate, you away from the pain
with an insane thought
but on real, yeah on a real
one thing i admire, and desire, is your fire
not because of your hair colour
it’s your entire, ora, cuz no matter how low i was, you’d lift me higher
i miss telling you over the top pick up lines, so one last time just a liner
“if you were a prostitute, you’d be in my phone book for hire”
anyway i’m stil undoubtably, completely, crazy, absolutely
any other words, i don’t wanna leave a loose leaf
but i still love you the exact same way
since the last time i saw your beautiful face
on the 7th of september while i watched you walk away, i hope and pray
that memory is temporary, cuz that’s not the last memory
i want as my last of you, and writing you this is way overdue
i tried in the beginning, it was just to hard to, cuz even tho
i was mixed between “screw you and f you”
there was only one thing i wanted to know
and that’s “how are you”?
i don’t really know how to say goodbye, i guess this is my version
or at least an attempt (attempted) to try
i’ve been neglecting that part of accepting, redirecting, to false hope
just so i don’t let the thoughts start affecting, that with out you i can’t cope
i’m not gonna lie, i still feel a lot of sadness about this
i know it’s life, it’s madness tho
but what i know, is i’ll be fine, if you are happy then so am i
but why are these feelings fading so slow?
i hope happiness and faithfulness, is all around like i’m sure it is
i hope not one day goes by, that you feel safe~less
and continue being you, i hope you know how much love i had in this
i know you doubt it, and even tho, i can’t do anything about it
just know from the time i met you, and watching you grow
i know what proud is
sorry i never bought you flowers
it’s just their life expectancy is hours
i rather made you songs or poems, i wasn’t heartless
i can admit i never tried my hardest
i acted like a victim, stuck in a hard place
i always had this vision, of us on a mountain, star glaze
but currently as i speak, i got yellow tape around me
like i’m under construction, i was blind but now i see
an amazing grace obstruction
i had to come back to this part and re~write it
cuz at the time that i wrote it
i couldn’t function, i couldn’t close this
without commotion
i don’t know why but still
my heart won’t open
when i try to say goodbye for real
that’s when i’m broken
but screw it, imma leave those words unspoken