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lirik lagu the boys (uk band) – almost persuaded


[verse 1]
last night all alone in a barroom
met a girl with a drink in her hand
she had baby blue eyes and long blonde hair
and a smile any cuss understands

[verse 2]
then she came and sat down at my table
as she placed her hand over mine
i found myself wanting to lay her
for temptation was flowing like wine

and i was almost persuaded
to strip myself of my pride
almost persuaded
to push my conscience aside

[verse 3]
then we danced and she whispered, “i want you
please take me away and be my man”
then i looked into her eyes and i saw it
the reflections of my mary ann

and i was almost persuaded
to let strange tits lead me on
almost persuaded
but your sweet love made me stop and go home

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