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lirik lagu werewolf boy – s.o.s


havoc aimin boy with me seduce the gang on you b~tch
flow hot like a boycott the fake production production
lame as b~tch throat cuts the game in charge for some reason

time pass ultimate cast a movie yourself
admire the flame on throne
nail polish salon
adlibs the beats hitting the best drop for bars
with seven deadly wish
upon the classic weather man in charge
for the cristian man enough for the baller
game on game is me myself and i involved involved

adorе yourself is me the onе gonna tough you out
like a ballin the gang on your own opinion
seems npc caps low the low you locko
get your hair bad to salon get pedicure your nails
involving the game
while you g~y through
emotion emotion control lose control losing confidence
in the rap game you done son is song song

ah ya
i’m done enough for you
its seems this song so much like diabolic
man is dope but with no caps caps
still dope is going insane
on the next round so you better hearing


top down b~tch as like a kendrick lamar
is hunting game you motha faka
seems tiger wood hitting the golf game in one shot
is eagle you sucking d~ck flame
is more immortal than the game
flex is seems to me so torment in the kitchen
i cooking some eggs so you not hearing my swag swag
fakes on the lame as lamborghini messiah lame ass b~tches
all those hitler mania phone
is drop water is broke not broken like your heart
is not broken your soul is not broken
you fake f~ggot suck my d~ck inch an inch
and goes up but i wouldn’t give
cause you g~y tormented
not sober enough you lame
i guess is right but echoes of hailey william is me myself and i
she hearing huh
i cannot let you know m~th~ faka flame immortal inside mysoul
every time of it is always lit the game is goes drop down
so so you law on your end game is thanos b~tch

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