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lirik lagu tek lintowe – no one will ever find


perfect blue face down under water
nothing nothing nothing in the bedroom corner
stay up for past the dark and noises can’t get any louder
one time there was the whole year i can’t even remember

one day you’ll wake up and you won’t see with open eyes
and you’ll wander lost and aimless through a city with no light
hearing whispers of a place of safety, that no one will ever find

time is so much worse i spent a thousand yеars on nothing
i exist inside an impulse in a mirror in a bubblе
in a phase in an episode in a show of struggle
in the fetal position in a spider web puddle
broken boggy spirits in the corner in a huddle
lock it underneath the earth and throw away the shovel
another day stuck in the middle of a collapsing tunnel
no one will ever find
no one will ever find
no one will ever find
no one will ever find