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lirik lagu treesome* – avoir un coup de foundre interlude


[verse i] flo le garçon
you’s and the i’s wouldn’t make no we’s
eyes on the price, we will make no peace
when i think about you, they be thinking im an assh0l~, never been a d~ck, p~ssy b~tches really mad tho
living in the past, let me leave this place
trouble making treble, ima cut the bass
eyes and eyebrows, vision is the key baby
i be really wishing you and i’s make the we’s baby
[verse ii] flo le garçon
cause all my homies think we dating
people m~st~rbating, but im really hating
that im really late, to, meet you, its the wrong time
many many people think im rapping, its the wrong rhyme
wish all the motherf~ckers understand
that you f~cking cool for me
but im really good for you
girl i have a room for you
what i wouldn’t do for you
you my only one but im really just a two for you
this the interlude (ooh)
do not have nutrition baby in the food (okay)
used to live in west side in the hood (shhh)
always be the clean, gum in the suit