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lirik lagu susan from da bloc - www.susanfromdabloc/


hi susan!
thank you for visiting

(verse 1)
you saw my p~ssy pics on my website
saw my new tits
saw my synthetic lips
got you drippin real wet
drippin real wet
your on my feed
but you never as high fashion as me
susan from da bloc
gettin all the c~ck
don’t get it f~cked up
never put a c~ck before a rock
it’s always rocks before c~cks
ass 2 ass
goin ass 2 ass with you
i’m a supahoe
i’m a supahoe with you
don’t get it f~cked up
i know you’re watching me
so i ctrl alt delete
get rid of you completely
susan i’m wet!
susan you’re p~ssy pics made me wet!
you’re bеing a real c~nt tonight!
susan i’m bout too bust!

(verse 2)
yеah i know i’m hot
you don’t gotta tell me
i’m a supahoe
i’m always f~cking h~rny
pick up in the club
i’m serving mr 9am
with my new titties
i know the men will love them

thank you for visiting
i’ll see you in the next life

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