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lirik lagu james randal - “reggaeton” freestyle


[intro: aziz abdallah]
h~llo uh, hi everyone, how you doing? name aziz, uh, i play you a beat today, uh, thank you guys for coming man, you know, big crowd today, i worked really hard to get here, and uh, appreciate you guys for being here, man, let’s turn it the f~ck up man, this my reggaeton beat, okay?

[verse: james randal]
subtle tones
no monotone
where i roam
everywhere i roam i go deep
i roll deep through these streets
i roll with a crew and a clique
i got you on my d~ck
‘cause you know
where i am
where i’ve been
who i am
my name is james, i wear big pants
and it’s a good thing that your girl got 2 hands
‘cause she’s gonna need ‘em both to grip on my meat
‘cause my meat goes high into the ceiling
it goes through the roof and it pokes out top
people flyin’ drones right by they say
“holy sh~t, look at that c~ck
pokin’ out the roof of that building
james must be makin’ a k!llin’
on his onlyfans
‘cause he’s got only fans”
only fans, no haters

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