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lirik lagu susan from da bloc – brodiefckinjenkinz


and rodney waits
turn me loose
turn me loose oh

(verse 1)
rizzem with the tizzem
i ain’t talkin bout koda
get ha roots done
get a bob to the shoulda
joshy’s got her covered
serving one hit wonder
zoe’s got her closet
hidden underneath a boulder

you get it? cus she steals her clothes
but i mean i guess it’s fine cus brodie steals her mirror all the time but

bro~die f~ckin jenkins
queen of c~nt
queen of those outfits
full fat coke
guzzle it daily
do ya hair
youe arms little lazy
turn me loose
young diva’s baby
sezbo’s c~nt
maybe a little more than you
i’m sorry its true (sezbooo!)
(verse 2)
highway patrol
think bout how rodney waits
thinking if joshy’s okay
and how snookie slays yasss
that’s my girl
snookie f~ckin number 1
jk it’s sezbo

that’s it b~tch
i’m f~cking done
i don’t have anymore sh~t to talk
but you do
ibs queen
get on the f~ckin toilet

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