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lirik lagu 10knyx – 2:00 am | 5.10.24


mmm, yuh
seeded with demons and paranoia
the growth getting halted
spirit ain’t pleased with all the scenery
speak of devotion
we not as deep as the moment
ego ain’t needed, unless on beats or you scheming and floating
i seen them people expose it
i see the heat that we grossing
n~ggas won’t speak on the moment
veil doing numbers, got motion
gaza, we standing up for it
i’m just a fourth of a poet
working on flows and it’s golden
speaking on life and it’s moments
i’ve never felt i was chosen
just got a story i’m posing
i came to paint what’s important
hastily saying what’s potent might not be great for promotion
the family aching and hoping
sickness and croaking is dormant
hoping you’ll be on the phone and
hoping i see in the morning (yeah)
up on my feet and humbly eating
they jealous of bigger
internet policing reaching the deepest of figures
spend it in neimans every weekend
still comfortably pacing
we reconvene and peep the scene
that’s nothing we chasing
man, it feel like you spiraling sometimes
like, everybody good but you
like, you don’t know what to do
you don’t know what to say
but just be there for the moment
you know?
man, whatever

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