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lirik lagu summer alone – berkeley nights


baby, don’t hurt me
because when you give me love shawty you make me, feel worthy
i’m posted smoking ganja with my homies, in berkely
i’m geekin off an oxy, i don’t wanna, take 30’s
i’m tryna ball like michael jordan, kobe, or curry
she could take her makeup off and still, look pretty
furthest thing from vanilla girl, i like it dirty
the soda in my cup don’t drink that sh~t, it’s dirty
she wanna be my harley quinn but i ain’t, no joker
i’m back in my home town i’m walking around with, a poker
i can’t trust n0body don’t get too close, might poke you
fill the bed with [?] pulling, my choker
smoking on a flower like [?] it’s potent
if i k!ll myself just send my body to [?]
and bury mе in mud and i’ma come back, way stronger
don’t wanna talk to n0body i’m real anti, social
i’m smoking bumping peep i’m yеlling, oh yeah, i told ya
i do it for my soldier i can show you
[?] the codeine from my stomach [?] and throw up
they didn’t think i’d blow up and i told her, i told ya
i f~cked round’ and showed em’

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