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lirik lagu big30 – nless


free shiesty (blrrrd, blrrrd)

yeah, i f~ck n~ggas’ b~tches
if i ain’t hit your ho, i bet shiesty man got them bricks
shiesty man drop them b~tch, yeah, we f~ck n~ggas’ b~tches
ayy, feeling like i’m getting it, you bopped her, big30 caught her (i caught her)
i’m choppin’ sh~t, got more hoes than hugh hefner and sauce walka (slaughter)
i better not do no trickin’, d~ck is all i got to offer (better not)
baby, this d~ck ain’t free, i’m f~ckin’ on the plug daughter
we reckless and wop got it, i’m masked up with that chopper
my n~gga think i f~cked that b~tch, n~gga, i f~ck on models (stop it)
that b~tch can’t see my d~ck for nothing, nathan, not even nada (at all)
that n~gga never up in memphis, that mеan that it’s no way possible (nah)
i’m higher than a baby, i done pourеd up a mercedes
i spent so much up on this drank, i get high on the daily
basic, not 24/7, 25/8
i’m chasing, this purple, this black, and i’m highway racing (purple)
you book me for a show, book this chopper, i’m bringin’ that drac’ in
can’t take them guns to fifty states (blrrrd), they going to forty~eight then
the other two states, new york and cali, got a .380
if i don’t got that .380, poke ’em up with that blade then (draco, blrrrd)
draco, .300 blackout, glock with the flatback (blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd)
5.56s, strap with a jugg to knock your hat back (blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd)
had to pull a move out my personal car, can’t get the max back (get the max)
that was my low~key car, now my low~key is a h~llcat (a ‘cat)
diss nuskie one week, in a couple weeks we got that get~back (get whacked)
trx, h~llcats, trackhawks (skrrt, skrrt), and the bp cadillacs
lil’ kit on everything, no half stepping, got big racks
we gon knock his sh~t back, tints black if they get back
i just copped the lamb’ truck just to go to the store
in the back seat eating lamb chops (with your ho), getting throat from your ho (ah ha)
n~gga trillers, i’ma blam y’all, no hesitation, blow (blrrrd)
every time they tried to trail us, we bust a u then score (go)
and the bp, it’s a ram truck, the opps ain’t even know
i’m ’bout tired of hittin’ they block, that’s d~mn near thirteen in a row (that’s thirteen in a row)
seven times out of thirteen, d~mn near every time we scored
d~mn near every time i blowed, i ain’t never duckin’ my taco
oh, you thought this sh~t was over? (what?) i ain’t even said, “free shiesty”
free shiesty, i know exactly why n~ggas don’t like me (ha)
if i ain’t hit a n~gga b~tch, i’m knowing you done striked it (shiesty)
turned a sunny day lightening, we struck his ass with that lightening
i don’t give a f~ck what venue or what club, i’m getting that pipe in
see blood, i get excited, i seen more blood than mike tyson
i seen more blood than a tiger, i sweep sh~t like tyson fury
step on sh~t, get sh~t buried, i get put sh~t up in a hurry
come outside, boy, you ain’t trying to get f~cked, you on your period (come outside, come outside)
thought this sh~t was a game ’til he found out big30 serious (big blrrrd, blrrrd)
them switches, they finish sh~t in a hurry (in the city)
must’ve thought i was a rapper, p~ssy i’m getting sh~t buried (i’m talkin’ ’bout that, boy, it’s serious)

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