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lirik lagu stephen bishop – tinseltown


he said “no mom, hold your tears”
you always said i was going to be
somebody someday
as she wept
he left for life on mars

a cheap guitar
in a beat up case
on his way to find first base
in tinseltown
that’s where he’s going to
he’s gotta make into tinseltown
he met a molotov c~cktail girl
she was tall
he fell in love
on hollywood and vine

she starred in something
called, “girl on sofa”
oh no…
a little money
meant alot in those days
i dress to excess now
who names the hurricanes
that blow through

friday at sunset
in tinseltown
alot of people go to tinseltown

i am a media guy
i have to know
exactly what is happening
when it’s happening
i am a media guy
i am a media guy
someday i will president of hollywood
friday at sunset
see all the people drive to tinseltown
live the movie life in tinseltown
(let’s give this town a haircut)

make it safe to shop in tinseltown
’cause i was born to shop