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lirik lagu spongmonkeys – we love the subs!!!


we love the subs (we love the subs)
’cause they are good to us (they are good to us)
we love the subs
’cause they are good to us
the quiznos subs
they are crunchy, they are tasty, they are warm because they toast them
quiznos subs are the best

we are back (we are back)
on a road trip
to get to quiznos
(i’ll push the pedals with my face)
and i will spin the turn~ey wheel thing
i expect that we’ll be fine

here we go
on our road trip to eat quiznos subs (we love the moon)
we will go to the moon to eat quiznos (we love the moon)
because we love the moon loads (we love the moon)
we love quiznos even more!

we drive moon rover
to get to quiznos moon
to eat moon quiznos
they got a sp~ce guitar and asteroids and carbonara sauces
and a moon pepper bar (a moon pepper bar)
we love to wear
costumes for halloween
it is our favourite day
our only costume is a sub so every year we eat our costumes
we cannot help ourselves!

we have made a new day
32nd of october
we will make quiznos subs for you
with carbonara sauce and moon rays and tasty crunchy danger
(we will eat them all) they are for us!

we will explore
and travel anywhere
to discover more quiznos
because the subs are even better than a leopard or a narwhal
you cannot eat those things (please don’t eat those things)

we love the subs
we also love you too
we love you as our friend
we do not love you as a thing we want to eat just to be clear (that’s understood)
we only eat the subs

(we love the moon)
they’re the spongmonkeys
and they’re lookin’ for subs
they really love to eat at quiznos, it’s their favourite grubs
they hover in the air and sing about the subs they’re eating
if you see them floating by they will shriek out their happy greeting
everybody loves the spongmonkeys they rule the roost
and if you need some joyful energy they’ll give you a boost
they sing and float around emitting their positivity
i think i’m gonna go and get a toasty sub just for me

we love you lots
’cause you inspire us
with all the lovely things you do
and all the lovely things you say and how you really are so lovely
but we prefer the subs

we keep driving
to get to quiznos
oh wait, stop, what is that?
it is a new quiznos, we must pull over and eat all of their subs
then onwards to find more!

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