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lirik lagu len (uk) – hotnkold


[lyrics from snippet]

ayy, jamo you goin’ crazy
ayy (ooh), ayy

lil’ baby she fire, lil’ baby she cold (lil’ baby she cold)
lil’ baby she tired, put her in the zone (bussdown, no way)
i told her she mine, ain’t lettin’ her go (ain’t lettin’ her go, ain’t no way)
she told me she trust me, it’s pretty best if you don’t

with a body so s~xy, it’s not hard to impress me, hold on
baby girl makin’ me moan a thousand [?], hold on
i don’t use my brain this much, it feel like you’re tryna test me
don’t even man, you stress me
you got a gangster obsessed (obsessed)
you got your ex man upset (woah)
don’t care about him, he’s a waste man (blatt)
i don’t even know why you did that
i’m just happy that you with a big man now
i’m a…

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