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lirik lagu soemoboyz – alter ego (juiced)


[verse 1: slendermane]
aye aye aye
soemoboyz sh~t
aye aye aye aye
now ye are clean thru da words that i have spoken
soemoboyz we gon’ f~cking cut you open
all this pain inside me i’m just looking for the remedy
soemoboyz k!lled john f. kennedy
sipping on blood and i eat holy host
fly in the night disappear like a ghost
we commit felonies, p~ssy boy step to me
i do the least but i’m doing the most
look in the mirror it’s just an abyss
wake up each morning “why do i exist?”
run through the gallows, i am but a shadow
i tie up the rope and i won’t rеminisce

[bridge: moth boy]
sippin’ wine like its blood
b~tch i’m drowning in thе mud
smokin’ evil in my blunt
with soemo in the cut like (like)
why’d you run?
i can see right through your front
you so weak bro, you a bum
yake your t~~th and stitch ya gums tight
[hook: krypt keeper]
bleeding through my t~shirt, my blood don’t clot
drippin off my chains, emoboyz h~lla hot
dleeding out, seeping out, flowing down my body
i don’t give a f~ck, imma crash the maserati
sothing but a trap, real life kinda wack
so i smoke h~lla fat
purple lights in our eyes
legacy won’t die

[verse 2: ghostboy]
smoking away, my lungs are a mess
i hide in my grave while i’m ducking the feds
i’m paranoid, i been offa the meds
checking for monsters under my bed
stay out the woods or we’ll rip off your head
soemoboyz till the day that i’m dead
unsatisfied, b~tch i’m f~cking depressed
i’m crashing the whip at the mall with my friends
i roll with the dawgs we came out to play
smoking on moss there’s bugs in my brain
you gettin crossed i’ll stomp out ya face
your b~tch is rocked get the f~ck out the way
pipe down p~ssy boy, i told you stay away
i’ll get the knife out, then you won’t be the same
i’m thinking lights out, i’m gonna eat your face
rippin ya eyes out, throw ur remains away

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