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lirik lagu r.j. roze – snowflake – sus remix


is this mic even on?
yes it f~cking is b~tch
yuh, yuh, remix of the og track from 2019

[verse 1]
call me serial experiments lain
cuz imma inflict pain on your ass
then imma eat a bowl of cereal
that sh~t so delicious
call it nutritious
cuz imma f~ck your b~tches (woo!)
bark like a dog, you built like a cog
you built like clannad
f~ko is r~t~rded!

[verse 2]
imma need my girlfriend to queef
makin a sus remix of my worst song ever
doesn’t stop me from bein a motherf~ckin bedwetter
yeah, yeah, i am gonna bill and k!ll you
clinton, l!ck your cl~t and
f~cking k!ll you
shoot you with a f~ckin gun
i’m gonna have some f~ckin fun at the gun range
and then imma punch you in the mouth!
[verse 3]
eatin chicken (shut up!)
eatin chickеn nuggets while the dеnver nuggets
shootin buckets, yum, yum
i’m gonna eat some chicken nuggets
for dinner, with some ketchup!
and some jelly, and some ranch
add some grits on top with some ice cream, yeah!
listened to an indigo drift song
why he tryna rap about how nine inches ain’t long?
i’m only three!
i like trees, i smoke trees
i don’t smoke anything, cuz i’m a christian child
i pray to god every f~ckin day
now that’s a lie, and i’m goin to h~ll
at the hourly bell
h~ll, h~ll, yeah i’m goin to h~ll

it’s freezing in here, turn the ac on
i’m so cold but i wanna get colder
i want stalagmites off my tits
i wanna freeze
14 degrees fahrenheit in this godd~mn b~tch
drinkin ice cold sprite, yeah
f~ck that b~tch, her p~ssy tight, yeah
that ain’t right, that ain’t right, her p~ssy too tight
in the light
in the blight
that ain’t right
i’m writing my will cuz i’m about to die
from stage 97 testicular cancer
call the make~a~wish kid foundation
i wanna meet tom brady!

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