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lirik lagu smg4 – objection! wotfi 2022


meggy ~
okay, here’s my case:
you claim my clients are a vicious race
you honor, you’ll find they’re not so insidious
but just a group of lovable idiots

lawyer kong ~
hold it!
don’t give me your lecture
your argument here is pure conjecture
the defendants are vile and no doubt insane
small leeches who’ll bring a world of pain

smg4 ~
no that’s wrong! we fulfill dreams
we bring a smile with the magic of memes
it’s all about love on our wholesome show
where you can be assaulted by thе teletubbie po

mario ~
okay, somеtimes we break the law
but that’s an insignificant little flaw
our mission is to laugh, enjoy, inspire
so just ignore the things that we set on fire

lawyer kong ~
it seems your team’s flimsy schemes are through
your antics are too extreme
meggy ~
violence, separation
is this segregation peace for our nation?

smg4 ~
you guys bring peace? don’t give me that crock!
sure you can talk the talk
but can you walk the walk?

mario ~
our only crimes?
we saved the earth a bunch’a times!

meggy ~
from eldritch encantations
greedy expectations
hate, love, and rejection
ooooohh, objection!

lawyer kong ~
don’t get c~cky you haven’t won yet
i haven’t even broken a sweat
you’ll be banned just as planned
witnesses to the stand
evil luigi ~
you make us look so stupid and dense
none of what we do makes any sense

shroomy ~
so what? it’s about having tons of fun
your neutral special can be a gun

bob ~
bro, your vids aren’t even funny
i bet you’re doing it all for the money

smg3 ~
shut up. no one asked for your opinion
l ~ ratio ~ you look like a minion

boopkins ~
i’m sorry, but i’ve got a confession:
all of your arcs always give me depression

melony ~
that’s okay! we may woe
but we develop love and grow

karen ~
can you guys please stop persistin’?
it’s hard enough already existin’
meggy ~
alright, you’ve heard their plea
they’re innocent
so if you please, let them all go free

lawyer kong ~
it’s time to this persistent sinning!
i’ve been winning from the very beginning!
it’s no use with your whinging and cringing
cause this use of mario is copyright infringing!

smg4 ~
no please! i don’t wanna be exiled
i was just a naive, stupid child

evil luigi ~
you deserve this mockery can’t be original nor high quality

lawyer kong ~
here we sentence you for robbery
of our intellectual property

meggy ~
halt with your elation
and your litigation
parody citation refutes these actions
fair~use states that a parody of a style
can hold water within a courtroom trial

smg4 ~
yeah! our mario’s all silly and dull
ip robbery is therefore null

meggy ~
stupid imitations
fun exaggerations
proving their protection
oooh objection!

mario ~
i’m not your hero
i’m just a dumbass with an iq of zero!

meggy and smg4 ~
there’s no escape
you dumb ape!

lawyer kong ~
wait! you can’t possibly agree
these three don’t even have a degree!

smg4 ~
whoops, time’s up ya’ clown
it’s time for the judge to make a verdict down

judge kirby ~
thank you all! now i clearly see
i, judge kirby hereby decree
that i find the defendants to be…
not guilty!

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