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lirik lagu beanz – symphony 2000 (freestyle)


boom, boom, boom~boom, yo, yo
yo, listen
like this

look, mind your business if you seein’ me out
i be iced out with the paths they was leadin’ me down
i hoped for somethin’ better, kept on feedin’ me doubts
beatin’ me down; my ex still dream of me now
that’s how i pop up; cute, but it’s not us
i rather get it done than brag to people how i’m ’bout [?]
i just left the northside, flyin’ to the south of
just for self~care, lil’ massage and a scalp rub
and rose water so my skin tight
a better me’s who you see me try and get like
my wrongdoings let me know what i had did right
climb, reach big heights
my nails too long, i slap b~tches in a fist fight
gimme the mic, i get the job done
i spent times preparin’ for when the time comes
on another mile run, it’s talks about me and i still kept my mouth shut
if i ain’t losin’ sleep, it ain’t ’bout much
with all this ice on my heart
winter time, standin’ by the water when it’s dark
i learn from my mistakes, better than what i was taught
and if it robbed me of my joy, then it ain’t really worth the cost
word to mami; [?] voluptuous, b~tches know my body
sh~ttin’ like a porta~potty
talkin’ on this joint, they thinkin’ i ain’t got a song around me
i’m on point and i ain’t skippin’ over no surroundings
watch how they watch me, i lose ’em, i go to top speed
now i do events unless i do ’em from the box seats
send a budget and makin’ sure that it’s not cheap
askin’ for this work, ain’t on an arm; it’s not free
and my beauty is like a symphony
and since me, he ain’t felt this kind of chemistry
i guess no matter where he go, he gon’ remember me
it’s somethin’ different, i could feel it in his energy
thinkin’ this was meant to be; like me, a writer, i’m a poet
ain’t rappin’ ’bout my p~ssy ’cause i never went and showed it
and i know when you got it, you ain’t really gotta show it
if they swearin’ on my name, i swear to god that i ain’t noticed
this is every day tings, kale in my drink
middle fingers high, don’t give a d~mn what they think
like the keke usher vid how i dance on the beat
with my heir to the streets and my hands on the free
yeah, it’s me

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