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lirik lagu shoreline – workaround


i can leave the train these days
with a different thought on my mind
it feels more like coming home now
than it did when i was a child
i´m seeing houses in an artificial scenery
friends are coming back to build a family
and i wonder should i too
or step back in the train
and keep it a safe place in my head?

is making me the conscious disregard of things
that make me sad a selfish piece of sh~t?
the beauty of decay is an invention
nothing more than a workaround

it’s making me uncomfortable
cause my memories are filled with holes
just a few more sunrays of the afterglow are shining through
but not the way they used to
i wanna be close by
cause i see the whole world burning
i wanna be close by
cause i don’t think i’ll ever learn it

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