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lirik lagu xteihn – ultra – remix


[verse: juscarbon]
oh yes we going ultra, burning hot like super nova
we drink pina coladas, and we mix with coca cola
yes i’m geeking off the drugs and you’ve got some ebola
i could really flex a band and i’m really gonna show ya
yes i’m driving on the road cuz i’m whipping in the bentley
all these rappers showing ones while i’m showing them a tenny
c~10 on the track and we whipping in a chevy
won’t forget about kaz, co2, we are many
run around town with a brand new watch
made a tape and it’s not scotch
i’m in love like oh my gosh
wrestle me and you gon’ botch
this year we taking over
dry icе we getting colder
4morе times we move a boulder
ten degrees, icy shoulder

[verse: ca$hkaz]
boutta put all these cases to rest
everyone knows that i am the best, i am a zombie
i’ll rip off your flesh, soda and water
it really don’t mesh, it’s getting blue like i’m making some meth, running for mayor, you’re losing your breath, all of my songs, you know that they fresh, this no migos, but you are deadz, and you know i go harder than your first verse, now i got a girl, and you know that we gon’ soul search, you can say anything, yeah, cause it won’t hurt, you be talking sh~t, but you got a kaz poster, and when i drop an lp, yeah i will call up el~p, run the jewels, ’till i k!ll a mic, get a free selfie, ha, i can rap on any beat, even if it’s nelly, imma k!ll this beat, like i’m ymw melly, b~tch i’ll wear all black, like i am opium, you ain’t opium, he ain’t know you, now you copium, you’ll cope wit’ em, b~tch getting salty like she sodium, i’m over ya, please put my features on a podium, i’m just going like uh, r.i.p, it’s going like uh, counting my stacks, it’s going like, uh, know she needs me, going like yuh, and i’m going like what, y’all see i ain’t doing too much, 10 season 4 finally struck, been a long 5 months

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