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lirik lagu scorn of creation – prologue – before this life


as i brought the axe down
and saw my face in the blade reflecting
i tasted gods blood on my lips
devine, ethereal and so sweet

i need that power now
this corruption will end
i can feel the void
as the fire engulfs me

i reach out to the throne
the fire rages on
with gods head in hands
i remove the skin
his face i wear
his mask is mine
the fire is here
as below, so above

my eyes, soaked in blood
thе taste of his power entеrs my mouth
the mask itself, embedded in my skin
we intertwine, we become one
i’ve grown cold, i’m aching and not breathing
i writhe and twist and spew
something’s wrong, this cannot be
someone’s got their hold on me
i am falling through time and sp~ce
i did not reach my destined goal
the power was in my hands
i must have it
i have to find my way back

and so i fall once more
my mind clear
my path set
i move forward
to claim what is mine