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lirik lagu time, maudlin magpie & a thousand vows – nighthawks at mccoys


well he’s drinking his coffee just to get a warm up
diner food and the road has his stomach tore up
caffeine tolerance enormous, this diner is his fortress
working class reflection but the mirror says your gorgeous
credit card debt and bounced checks but he walks like he’s forbes list
just another poor kid, smoking weed trying to bloom into an orchid
him and his friends made big plans on their childhood porches
action they ignored it, stagnation is what a corpse is
little did they know that passion is an orchard
dreams of fancy cars never knowing their heart’s were rеd porsches

[maudlin magpie]
but the thing about the hеart is that it only speaks in silence
and its purity wills one thing through a landscape of violence
the sign says exit
his heart wanders windswept
for a lonely hunter it will be
its blood a risky fuel to burn
this percolating phoenix in molina’s ashen urn
through caffeine clarity he sees in dried coffee stained reflections
a soft valence of growth ring like old trees longing for direction
discerning patterns but no final lot was cast
the coffee grounds amassed
like tea leaves they settle to the surface
his mind leaves
hypnotic eyes soaking specters of discarded flint
left sparkless in booths abandoned though a glint of hope remains
burning forever, these dreams of infinite mass
countering the weight of coffins buried deep under his mask
desires in abeyance falling towards the undone in the ether
a chaos carving sp~ce among a growing wilderness of wonder