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lirik lagu savior monroe – a talk with the oracle


i talked to the oracle, she said i wasn’t the one
and my future looking bleak like it’s nothing to come
baby girl growing up and she bound to forget
everything that you taught her cus she found a new script
you a never find a wife for the rest of your life
just a bunch of one night stands and terrible nights
you will never become rich, get used to the poor
if it’s a room full of money, get used to the door
you a never find a key to success
and them weak ass songs you keep dropping, they streaming em less
don’t n0body wanna hear about politics and cops and sh~t
everything you put your heart in, they don’t acknowledge it
abolish it, guarantee you be better off
and that healthy life style you’ll never engulf
sickle cell gonna k!ll you before you hit 55
and the hood ain’t gonna miss you, they used to when n~ggas die
no lie, can’t deny and say i ain’t telling the truth
i’m the oracle, and what i say is destiny proof
life is gonna steal whatever’s a treasure to you
you better listen like i’m god and he’s lecturing you
remember back in the day when you said god was fake
now you praying to the person where those same odds was made
against you, you sad, b~tch n~gga here is a tissue
crying bout a family who diss you and dismissed you
the issue is you, why can’t you see that king
why am i calling you that, you’ll never be that king
or be the keen, to peep or ever see that scene
you thinking sh~t is all peaches and crème this n~ggas fiend
and every thing your enemies said is all true
so the only snake head you should take is all you
and this is an example of the devil with a voice
you can listen or do the opposite, it’s your choice

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