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lirik lagu itsalfie – dying


you hoes move on quicker then us
sometimes i wish i was hit by a bus
you cry for a little and then you don’t care
for you, i was always there
months have passed and i still can’t move on
but men we gotta stay strong
i loved everything that you’d do
without you i’d be f~cked helplessly
someone won’t you please help me

[verse 1]
i hate myself thinking what i did wrong
but i don’t know guess romance is gone
i’m screaming but no one seems too see
it won’t be long till i rest in peace
i’ll try too hold em off but the dеmons winning
act happy stay always grinning
you haunt my dreams almost every night
what i’d givе for just one more night
they seem so real but it never is
don’t wanna wake up if it never is
don’t wake me up if it never is
it never issss
it never is
[verse 2]
you wouldn’t even call my phone if you thought i was dying
so tell me why the f~ck you act like you care
i’m tryna live life but you’re always there
but not physically i know
just in the photos on my wall
it’s pathetic i know
but i’m so lonely without you
i’m holding back on taking drugs
cause i don’t want them to replace our love
it’s easy to just pop or blaze up and give up
but i don’t know i could still have a shot

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