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lirik lagu sandra mccracken – i am ashamed


[verse 1]
i used to nurture bitterness
to count up every slight
the world’s a moral wilderness
and i have felt its blight
self~pity ruled, resentment reigned
no one understood my pain
i spiraled down in murky night
insisting that i had the right
to hate and hate again

i am ashamed
o, my lord, forgive

[verse 2]
but then the gospel taught me how
to contemplate the cross
for there christ died for me—and now
i’ve glimpsed the bitter cost
he borе abuse, and blows, and hate
he did not rеtaliate
triumphant malice sneered and tossed
blind rage at him—he never lost
the love that conquers hate
i am ashamed
o, my lord, forgive

[verse 3]
to make no threat, to smile, forgive
to love—and not because i must
for jesus showed me how to live
and trust the one who’s just
to suffer wrong and feel the pain
certain that the loss is gain
o god, i want so much to trust
to follow jesus on the cross
to love and love again

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